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Ai Jun Planning Snowflake 5″ BJD – 125mm

Description Ball Jointed Doll ~ Ai Snowflake 12.5cm (about 5″) Satin lined Gift box ~ Complete with outfit,Please note that

Anklet Socks w/Lace Top (Ivory) 18-20″

Description Anklet socks with lace tops. Image is white

Anklet Socks w/Lace Top (Ivory) 8-11″

Description Anklet socks with lace tops. Fits dolls size 8-11″ Image is white

BJD Saddle Stand (For 43cm to 65cm Dolls)

Description Cherry wood base and stainless steel. Column extends for standing 43cm to 65cm and saddle wing bed for shape

Boneka White Baby Doll Top 43cm (MSD)

Description White short sleeve baby doll style top. Fits 43cm (MSD).

CC0004C Honee-B Hearty Baby Outfit (PukiPuki/Brownie)

Description Major Material: Cotton and organza. Major Colour: White and Hot Pink. * Fabrics and materials might be slightly different

Custom House Tan/Olive Driving Cap (SD Size)

Description Brown/tan/khaki/cream floral print and olive green English style driving cap. Fits SD size.

Domuya Microphone 22″ (For SD Size)

Description •Specially made Microphone originally made for Domuya Summer Music Festival. •Each Microphone are carefully hand-made and hand paint. •Simply

ElfDoll Gray Satin Cocktail Dress (SD Size)

Description Limited Edition. Gray satin cocktail length dress with “mermaid” back hem and beading at the neck line. Please note

Elfdoll Wu w/Face Up NUDE 24″

Description Rainy Doll Wu (Standard Edition) 60cm. Sculpted by RAINMAN. Photography by OKA. Doll Type: Wu. Height: 60cm. Skin type:

Eyes – Life Like Acrylic Round (Dark Green Gray) 16mm

Bjd Clothes 1/4,Inspired by the beloved animated characters from popular Disney movies, Royal Color Reveal dolls have 6 magical surprises

Eyes – Life Like Acrylic Round (Red) 14mm

Mini Bjd Doll Meaning,Only clothesNo dolls, no other accessories.Only clothesNo dolls, no other accessories.Bjd Doll Accessories 1/3, About Material Safe